EQ Cleanup

Cleans up Project EQ DB of common annoying bits

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Who is this for?

If you are working on a custom server using EQEmulator and Project EQ, you will come to realize that PEQ is made with a very specific use case in mind. That's where this tool comes in, it contains a collection of scripts with the intention of easing the process of cleaning up the latest PEQ, making it catered for more classic use cases.


    Remove Soulbinders
    Remove Rodents and Exterminators
    Remove Trick or Treat NPCs
    Remove Tribute Masters
    Remove Defiant Armor
    Remove Spells, Tomes
    Remove Nexus Portal NPCs
    Disable Rain and Snow

Support or Contact

Having trouble with EQ Cleaner? Check out the forums or create an issue and we’ll help you sort it out.